About Alexander

Alexander ten Bruggencate is a passionate multi-disciplinary artist and designer who strives to create composition and form in everything he sees. Through this, he feels the origin of things that gives energy to everything around him, which in turn inspires him to create new things out of still existing ones.

What drives him is the desire to bring simplicity of beauty through his creations, to the people who want to receive it, by creating designs and objects that amaze and surprise, in a provocative way.
For Alexander, the combination of form and structure play an important role in the creative process. At the heart of this, is the element of the unexpected and of that which can surprise.

In his view, all forms and designs are derived from nature, through this, he sees in his creations a possibility to come close to the simplicity of that nature in its purest form. It is with this reason that he likes working with raw and contracting materials.

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