Kunstwerk geweigerd bij Artists aan Zee. Lichtgevend fallus symbool roept teveel emotie op

Upcoming exhibitions:

Group exhibition: Artists aan Zee III – 18 t/m 27 oktober 2019, Bergen, Netherlands.

Arti (en de Kring)op Stap: Zet in je agenda bus uit Amsterdam, naar Kunst10daagse Bergen opening van Artists aan Zee III, “Lust (en verlangen)zaterdag 19 oktober 2019 vertrek bus Amsterdam 11.00uur, Bergen dorp en dan om 16.00uur in Bergen aan Zee opening met o.a. werk van Maja Boot, Alexander ten Bruggecate, Katelijne Davids, Els Fleer, Jurjen Fontein, Ciska de Hartogh, Aad Hoetjes, Fabrice, Bonne ten Kate, Dorrit Klomp, Anita Mizrahi, Guillaume lo-a-Njoe, Sithabile Mlotshwa, Iris Nijenhuis, Anneke Peereboom, Hanneke Rijks, Harald Schole, Dominiek Steinmeijer, Suzanne Tuynman, Mieke Werners, Sylvia Willink en Gonda van der Zwaag. Organiator Gonny van Oudenallen. Waar; Hotel Meyer(3 zalen) onder het hotel t/o zee-aquarium. van 18 t/m 27 oktober 2019; En dan weer terug naar Amsterdam.

Solo exhibition: Reformed 13 June 2020 Amsterdam, Netherlands

From found forms to re- formed objects and Designs.

The way in which Alexander’s works are born begins with his street encounters, where he picks something from the street because of its form. These accidental forms shape the way he approaches his art practice. His project – Reformed is inspired and driven by his need to respond to his time. Alexander is disturbed by the carelessness of people in regard to waste, over production and over consumption. In his view, the way we live today and the rate at which we consume, is not sustainable. Alexander is confronted by this on a daily basis as he goes through the streets of Amsterdam where finds most of his material that is thrown away. The realisation and reality of the amount of things that are thrown away on a daily basis – saddens him on the one hand, but, on the other, inspires and creates an opportunity for him to create works of art.

Joint exhibition: February 22, 2020, Amsterdam Netherlands

More information about the Joint Exhibition coming soon.

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