Title of upcoming Solo Exhibition: “Reformed” 

From found forms to re- formed objects and Design

I pick something from the street because of its form, this accidental form shapes the way I approach my art practice.

My project – Reformed is inspired and driven by my need to respond to my time. I’m disturbed by the carelessness of people in regard to waste, over production and over consumption. In my view, the way we live today and the rate at which we consume, is not sustainable. I’m confronted by this on a daily basis as I go through the streets of Amsterdam where I find most of my material that is thrown away. The realisation and reality of the amount of things that are thrown away on a daily basis – saddens me on the one hand, but, on the other, inspires and creates an opportunity for me to create works of art.

I have chosen the theme Reform, in honor of my mother whose ideas about the world inspired me. She, already in the 60’s became a member of the De Kleine Aarde, a center in the field of sustainability and the circular economy where Clean Energy and infinite reuse of materials are central to this. Through my work and this exhibition, I hope to create awareness of the fact that we are all part of nature and in need of her. 

The word reform for me has two meanings.

In respect of De Kleine Aarde it means circulair, in re-using and recycling all we use and getting energy out of natural sources. 

In respect of my work it’s about finding forms in the streets , giving them a second life by reforming them and in that way becoming circular.

So, through this solo exhibition, my hope and attempt is to inspire a new way of seeing things and doing things and through this, hopefully bring people closer to living in harmony with nature.

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